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Instructional Design and Educational Technology

Teacher Education

educational technologyThe Master of Science in Instructional Design and Educational Technology is designed to prepare teachers and other professional educators to effectively apply current and emerging technologies in educational settings. As part of this, you will gain applied skills and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Computing hardware and software
  • Internet-based resources
  • Application of personal productivity computing resources in education
  • Instructional design theory, principles, and processes
  • Design, development, and evaluation of educational technology tools and materials
  • Multimedia design and development

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Apply and document skills and knowledge as educational technologists in order to solve appropriate real world instructional problems
  • Develop an original plan and instructional materials for integrating educational technologies in an overall instructional strategy
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the field

This degree can be taken in either of two delivery modes: online or resident-based. The online or resident-based delivery modes allow students to work with the faculty advisors to develop a program of study that emphasizes development of skills and knowledge in a specific aspect of instructional design and educational technology fitting to each student's learning and career goals in K-12, higher ed, or adult learning environments.

Admission Requirements

You must apply and be admitted as a graduate student in the College of Education. See the Graduate Policies and Regulations and the Graduate Admission page.

Degree Requirements

Visit the Course Catalog for a complete list of degree requirements for the Master of Science in Instructional Design and Educational Technology.


Dr. Susan Elwood, Associate Professor

Dr. Stephen Rodriguez, Associate Professor

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